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A&G Agro Mechanical Industries and Abanga Farm Systems Ltd. constitute a value chain grassroots agro-business systems provider that aids human labor in agricultural production in economically and environmentally sustainable ways. We have over 20 years of experience working in African countries with proven records of service delivery. We provide Innovative Agronomic Consultancy, environmentally friendly agro machinery and implements, as well as suitable mechanization system implementation to boost efficiency along entire agricultural production chains. Our team comprises of renowned, highly experienced, and internationally recognized Agricultural Mechanization and Irrigation experts who have consulted for the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, DANIDA, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture of the Republic of Ghana, among others.

Over the years, we have developed innovative mechanization systems in various areas of assignment and contributed to productivity growth in several agricultural systems across We believe the right innovation and expertise will ensure a better productive system for the farmers, position Africa to become self-sufficient in terms of food, and prepare parts of the continent to potentially become a net exporter of staple cereal crops and grains to the European Union and other markets.


We are driven by our beliefs through innovation and our purpose, which is to empower the lives of farmers and those who consume, ensuring progress for generations to come.


Create a reliable Market and profitable Agribusiness by providing Innovative Farm Equipment and Agricultural Solution at competitive and affordable prices that is compatible to divers agro ecosystem.


To empower through innovative systems and becoming a leading Agribusiness Enterprise in Africa, offering fair and ethical business practices. To empower the agricultural community to eradicate hunger and poverty by providing mechanized and innovative systems to farmers to improve their current agricultural practices beyond mere subsistence into sustainable businesses and farming practices


Thomas Abanga
President / CEO
Ing. Dr. Mahama Aliu Aduna
Head of Consulting
Ing. Dr. Dorvlo Selorm Yaotse
Head of Engineering
Dellah Lukutor
Head of Tech & Innovation
Caesar Vulley
Head of Projects & Admin.
Slawomir Szulecki
Head of International Operations
Ing. Dr. Edward Benjamin Sabi
Snr. Consultant, Soil & Water/Irrigation.


A&G Agro Mechanical Industries Strategic Partners are chosen with great consideration because they represent who we are as a company. Having specialized experience with strength is a must. With the exception of that, the qualities of products and services they bring to our clients` needs are more important. Qualities such as integrated intelligence, superior quality, timely cooperation and delivery without any interruptions with other partners, with a high level of procedure and accountability with our associated partners. Our Customers benefit by getting availability of our wide range of products and expertise while still having a diverse source of resource and responsibility and availability. This saves you time, frustration and money and allows you to go about doing what is most important in building your farm business.

Quality Agricultural Products and Services

We offer high quality agricultural farming services and machinery for complete farming cycle.