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Our Agribusiness programs emphasizes on the business angle of running a farm or other facilities within the commercial agriculture industry. Students learn how to create marketing materials, prepare budgets and manage human resources. We engage in the following:

  • Development and training of Out growers,
  • Provide equipment and service to services providers
  • Empowering farmers to sharpen their overall business acumen, and skill base
  • Empowering farmers to assess their current practices
  • Empowering farmers to identify and enlist support to of entities necessary to secure infrastructure stability
  • Evoke farming practices which are mindful of environment health
  • Develop sustainable marketing practices to farmers
  • Develop sustainable sales, and customer retention strategies
  • Develop policies and procedures to ensure prompt payment of sales
  • Ensure Accountability: Opportunity to determining what works, and what may need improvement; Develop written (electronic) accounting of crop yield, and sales productivity from season to season
  • Provide the farming community, machinery/implements, services and resources that enhance bountiful food crop production, sustainability, product sales and promote farming practices that lead to a healthy environment.
  • Assist the farming communities cultivate business practices, which facilitates prosperity and self-sufficiency, promote a community of local food sustainable farming, reconnecting farmers and consumers.
  • Provision of quality extension services.
  • Access to knowledge on innovations.

Quality Agricultural Products and Services

We offer high quality agricultural farming services and machinery for complete farming cycle.