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AMKODOR – Our partner for the future

Meeting in Minsk

In May 2019 we visited company AMKODOR in Minsk, Belarus, which is one of the most modern and biggest supplier of cleaning, separating, drying and storage systems for maze, soya, wheat and other grains.

The high tech production plant, highest quality and reasonable prices are the main reason, while we choose this company as a crucial partner of our agriculture project.

Production plant, existing projects

During our visit we were able to visit high tech production facilities near to Minsk. We could also visit existing drying and storage complexes in Belarus. We are very impressed with proffesionality and high quality level of their offer.

Amkodor as crucial partner

As for any agriculture project, where maze, soya beans and other grains are producing, professional storage systems are crucial from the economical point of view.

Therefore we choose AMKODOR as our partner for the securement of our yields.


Quality Agricultural Products and Services

We offer high quality agricultural farming services and machinery for complete farming cycle.